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It’s Working

Posted: May 23, 2017

Hey, parents. Guess what? If you’ve made a leap of faith, and a few major sacrifices to raise your family in the Elk Valley, it may have been the best decision you’ve ever made.

Author: Shelby Cain

Island Lake Lodge's Summer Guide

Posted: May 22, 2017

With the opening of Island Lake Lodge set for June 9th, there's a lot to be excited about this summer.

Author: Fix

May 2017 New Business

Posted: May 22, 2017

Hourglass Window Cleaning and Singing Therapy open their doors to the community and Goliath Tech Kootenay.

Author: Fix

Sense of Belonging

Posted: May 21, 2017

A sense of belonging in your community is incredibly important. Community is a complex web of interchanging mutuality that is supportive and inclusive. Fernie has and will forever hold these positive attributes; it is what creates meaningful relationships and lasting friendships.

Author: Micah Morris

The Wrestler

Posted: May 20, 2017

The Wrestler tells the tale of Randy the Ram Robinson, an aging, down-and-out professional wrestler and the trials and tribulations that feature so prominently in his life. From his heart problems to his efforts to mend his relationship with his estranged daughter, the movie takes a hard, unflinching look at the life of someone who has basically hit rock bottom.

Author: Andrew Vallance

Raspberries and Cheese Trays

Posted: May 19, 2017

Community building isn’t just about the big things, like getting into municipal politics, or starting a new business. Community building is also about every day choices: supporting local shops, hosting potlucks, saying hello to neighbours, resisting gossip, attending local events, introducing yourself to strangers, extending and accepting invitations.

Author: Adam K. MacDonald

Becoming Part of the Race Community

Posted: May 18, 2017

The running shoes, bikes and hiking boots are out! It’s hard not to get caught up in Fernie’s racing community. Here are a few to get on top of so you will be ready for next months events.

Author: Sarah Ingram

Ruby’s Road Trip Adventure

Posted: May 17, 2017

A busy mom excited for the upcoming season of biking, hiking and camping with her family, Tiffany provides her Top Five road trip snacking tips to help avoid chips and candy.

Author: Tiffany Schebesch

A Backup Story

Posted: May 16, 2017

When your hard drive crashes without warning, it's a friendly reminder that maybe should have backed up our data.

Author: Kevin McIsaac

Water by Marq de Villiers and Blue Gold by Tony Clarke and Maude Barlow

Posted: May 16, 2017

When HER dad came to Fernie in 1951, he recognized the value of our spring water, settled here and instilled in his family an appreciation for this resource. Years later, books titled Water and Blue Gold changed the trajectory of her life, though she didn’t recognize it then. 

Author: Mary Giuliano


Posted: May 14, 2017

Not to be confused with wakeboarding, wakesurfing is a water sport in which riders surf the wake behind a boat unsupported, using a towrope only to get to their feet before releasing it as they ride freely on the endless wake created by the vessel. The first step to a having a positive wakesurf experience is to have the proper tools. Starting with a good wake, the proper equipment and when possible, good instruction.

Author: Caroline Villeneuve

A Place Everyone Wants to Call Home

Posted: May 13, 2017

People want to live in Fernie because of the lifestyle. It is a town people want to live in where entrepreneurs will create work so they can enjoy the lifestyle and the great sense of community here.

Author: Patty Vadnais

Australia, Fair Dinkum!

Posted: May 11, 2017

When Jesse hops back on a plane back to Canada she realize something; that you can measure your love for a country the moment you have to leave it. 

Author: Jesse Bell

Eat, Recover, Repeat

Posted: May 10, 2017

Try these dietician-approved tips to stay healthy, hydrated and active during summer endurance activities. 

Author: Tiffany Schebesch

Fred Gietz and Bernie Pulsifer

Posted: May 09, 2017

These two have been dedicated to the advancement of Fernie’s trail network for over 25 years, and not surprisingly are being honoured by the Fernie Mountain Bike Club this May. 

Author: Fix

123, it’s FKB!

Posted: May 07, 2017

Originally formed in 2009, performing anywhere they could, this quartet met a country singer that would help release their first record with a second on the way. 

Author: Carolyn Nikodym

Tennis Anyone?!

Posted: May 05, 2017

Superior fitness, hand-eye coordination, power, speed and finesse are all required to play this sport. The skills learned in tennis can assist in many other sports and it is great fun for all ages.

Author: Erin Summers

Kyle Hamilton

Posted: May 03, 2017

After graduating from university and setting off to the travel the world, an old Canon a-1 camera started the passion and his latest project to capture all of the residents of Fernie through portraits.

Author: admin

Spin to Win

Posted: May 01, 2017

It’s no hidden secret that we have some very talented cyclists here in Fernie. The creation of the FMBC Race Team with the support of local businesses now offers the opportunity for Fernie to receive recognition on the podium.

Author: Tom Gibson

Golf Tips For Beginners

Posted: Apr 30, 2017

Don't worry it's not you - Golf is hard. Everyone was a beginnger at one time and getting started in the right direction towards getting where you watn to be. Here are a few tips for getting off on the right foot. 

Author: Kenny Maki