Kootenay Cup races

The first races of the 2018 series will be held on the weekend of December 30-31, 2017 at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre, near Fernie, BC.

Following the previous success in the 2016 winter, the Fernie Nordic Society will be hosting the Teck Kootenay Cup race event again in Fernie. There will be two days of races, the first of five nordic ski races organized in the Kootenays area during the season. 

The event is open to skiers of all ages and abilities. Memberships to any club is not required to take part. Participants from local clubs under the CCBC organization earn points for their club toward the Kootenay Cup which will be awarded at the end of the season. Our club, the Fernie Nordic Society, has won the Cup in two previous seasons due to some great participation by our member skiers. There is a challenge in here for other clubs.

The classic ski technique is used on the first day and the free technique (skate ski) on the second day. See more details of the races in the official Race Notice (click link to open) : race categories, schedule and suggested local accommodations.

PLEASE NOTE  This is also the end of the winter holiday week, so come and join us. If you are from out of town, please book accommodations very early.

Schedule of weekend

•  Teck Kootenay Cup #1 and BC Winter Games trials: offical start of races at 11 am on Saturday Dec 30 at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre
•  Dinner at the Red Tree Lodge in Fernie on Saturday at 6 pm. Tickets may be purchased online at the same time as the race registration.
•  Teck Kootenay Cup #2 on the following day Dec 31 starting at 10 am also at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre

Registration to the two-day event is done through the same page of the zone4 logo.ca website. Click Here to go to the registration page.

Important links

Registration Page at Zone4
Race Notice for the Teck Kootenay Cup 1&2 on December 30 and 31
Location map of the Elk Valley Nordic Centre

Course Maps:

click link to open a map    0.7 km   1.8 km   2 km   3.4 km   5 km   7.7 km   10.3 km   13 km

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