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Sweet Dreams

Sweet DreamsPosted: Sep 17, 2019

Fly fishing. Singular men, clad in shades of beige, stalking the riverbank. Suspenders and funny hats and deeply-lined foreheads from summers spent with the identical look of concentration on their faces. 

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Polly’s Picky Eating Predicament

Polly’s Picky Eating PredicamentPosted: Sep 14, 2019

Picky eaters in the house can be a constant frustration and worry for parents. Here’s a strategy to help your youngsters develop healthy relationships with food and take some of the stress off mom and dad’s shoulders.

Tags: family, health, Fernie BC

August 2019 New Business

August 2019 New BusinessPosted: Aug 12, 2019

Everlasting Rose is Fernie’s newest eyebrow studio specializing in Nano Brows, Powder Ombré Brows and Lip Blush.

Tags: Business, Fernie BC, Everlasting Rose

Helping Basin Communities Prepare for Wildfire

Helping Basin Communities Prepare for WildfirePosted: Aug 12, 2019

2017 and 2018 saw extreme wildfire activity with a record number of fires across BC and in the Basin. Through its Community Wildfire Education Grants the Trust is supporting the efforts of Basin communities and residents to prepare for and reduce the impacts of wildfires occurring within or adjacent to Basin communities.

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Leek and Fennel Stuffed Salmon with Charcoal Lemonade

Leek and Fennel Stuffed Salmon with Charcoal LemonadePosted: Aug 11, 2019

From legendary winter seasons to magical summers, Fernie has so much to offer when it comes to spending time in the outdoors. Combine your love for food with the outdoor culture so prevalent in this area!

Tags: Food, Fernie BC, Lacey Wilson, Fernie Distillers, summer, grilling, foodie

August 2019 Editor's Fix

August 2019 Editor's FixPosted: Aug 10, 2019

The happiness and confidence radiated from her, it was infectious and pure gold. The kind of feeling you hope your kids have a lot in life. The kind of feeling you have when you’re completely immersed in something you love.

Tags: Krista Turcasso, Editor's Fix, community, Fernie BC

August 2, 2019 RDEK Board Highlights

August 2, 2019 RDEK Board HighlightsPosted: Aug 09, 2019

Highlights include the 10-Year Service Awards, the RDI Research Proposal being accepted, Funding to Support Columbia Valley Physician Recruitment Initiative and more.

It Takes All Kinds

It Takes All KindsPosted: Aug 09, 2019

Have you ever been stuck in a conversation with someone who only wants to talk about one thing? It gets old fast. As we look at our next goals and growth opportunities, wouldn’t we be wise to sit down and evaluate our priorities based on what Fernie is now, and what we can become?

New Evacuation Notification System Launched for East Kootenay

New Evacuation Notification System Launched for East KootenayPosted: Aug 08, 2019

The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) is introducing a new Evacuation Notification System (ENS) powered by Voyent Alert! to keep residents and property owners informed in case of evacuation orders or alerts during critical events such as wildfires, floods or hazardous materials incidents.

Tags: RDEK, community, Fernie BC, evacuation plan, emergency

Trail Culture

Trail CulturePosted: Aug 05, 2019

When you think of culture things like art, heritage and music might come to mind. In Fernie biking is actually also a huge part of our culture.

Tags: trails, Mountain Biking, Fernie Trails Alliance, Biking, Fernie BC, Fernie Mountain Bike Club

Karin Wardle

Karin WardlePosted: Aug 04, 2019

It is an exciting time to be an artist. There are so many ways artists I personally know express themselves. They have found ways to comment on social issues and try to spur change. Her favourite is when her daughter, a fine arts graduate, used chicken wing bones which she enclosed in bronze or pastel coloured synthetic material and transformed into necklaces and mobiles to comment on an aspect of feminism. 

Tags: arts, Culture, Karin Wardle, Fernie BC, Painting

Engagement, Participating and Showing Up

Engagement, Participating and Showing UpPosted: Aug 04, 2019

One of the parts of this job that Ange absolutely loves is always being present and ready to speak to a number of issues that are impacting our community. When you lean into issues but that by being a part of the conversation is how we collectively continue to design the environment for which we live.

Tags: City of Fernie, community, Fernie BC

Fernie’s First Coworking Space

Fernie’s First Coworking SpacePosted: Aug 02, 2019

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce is establishing Fernie’s first coworking space. The goal of this project is to provide a professionally designed and managed open-design space for entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers looking for a place to collaborate and work. 

Tags: Fernie Chamber of Commerce, employment, Business, Fernie BC

Lori Bradish

Lori BradishPosted: Aug 01, 2019

It’s pretty common in Fernie to see the same faces at multiple events, especially when it comes to volunteers. These people are dedicated and passionate, wanting not only to be part of the excitement but also in ensuring these events continue to take place and are the best they can be. If you know Lori Bradish, it comes to no surprise to you that she is one of these people.

Tags: Elk Valley Pride Festival, community, Fernie BC, Lori Bradish

Fernie Fall Fair is Coming

Fernie Fall Fair is ComingPosted: Jul 30, 2019

Back again in September 2019 is The Fernie Fall Fair! This much loved annual event is the perfect bookend to the Fernie Chautauqua weekend and is hosted by Wildsight Elk Valley in conjunction with the Fernie Museum. 

Tags: wildsight, Fall Fair, Fernie BC, markets, Fernie Fall Fair, Fernie Museum, Fernie Chautauqua

Tools for Your Fertility Journey

Tools for Your Fertility JourneyPosted: Jul 21, 2019

We can acknowledge that trying to actualize your family is hard while also acknowledging that we can do hard things and we can maybe even do them well if we are prepared. 

Tags: IVF, family, wellness, health, Fernie BC, Dr. Taina Turcasso


PresentationPosted: Jul 21, 2019

With summer coming up, most people are not thinking about this kind of thing, unless you’re building a presentation for a wedding or other event. These tips mostly apply regardless of the end goal.

Columbia Basin Culture Tour 2019 - Fernie/Marysville/Kimberley

Columbia Basin Culture Tour 2019 - Fernie/Marysville/KimberleyPosted: Jul 20, 2019

Taking place August 10 & 11 from 10 am - 5 pm, the Columbia Basin Culture Tour allows you to explore artists' studios, museums, art galleries and heritage sites during this free, self-guided event. Travel to studios and archives that aren't normally open, see demonstrations, new exhibitions and collections or meet people behind the scenes. To participate in the tour, simply grab a map, your Culture Tour Directory and go!

Tags: Columbia Basin Trust, arts, Culture, community, Fernie BC, culture tours

The Freedom of Potential

The Freedom of PotentialPosted: Jul 19, 2019

Potential could be the freedom to do your best. The things we take for granted like going to school or having the ability to read a book are what some kids around the globe are praying for.